WE and ZED 2.0 success stories of Supply chain development

-          By Sacchidanand Gogawale

It was the women day celebration exhibition and we were visiting the stalls. The success stories shared by Manasi Madam, Devaki Madam, Apate Madam, and informal interactions with Mrs. Reshma Madam triggered a new ecosystem, and we are very proud to share the journey of a 2 months with pride with you all.

A long-perceived excellence centre with help of Women Entrepreneurs for Women entrepreneurs is started at prime location like Tilak road MCCIA office. This was was formally agreed in a meeting Chaired by Mr. Girbani, Mr. Karandikar and 18 ladies who volunteered their ideas and how best this will be taken up further.

A formal Friday meet was agreed for all the ladies to interact and take this win-win association for developing the eco-system, on various business-related topics including health & spiritual contribution.

We were lucky to be a part of ZED drive promotion and System mangement and improvisation for Energy, productivity, quality and Safety, ISMS related improvisation projects.

March end to May 26th a span of 2 months, was a energising experience interacting with multiple ladies and being part of their excellence journey. We worked hard to reach ladies who have already registered and for some reason could not complete or those who developed interest and wanted to be part of eco system.

ZED 2.0 has a 3-step model for the first level, on certification refund worth 50,000 or 75% of the amount spend on quality testing, product certification from NABL laboratory or ISO 9001:2015 from NABCB approved Certifying agency post ZED certification is allowed.

Graded rewards like national and international convention participation, Loan interest rate reduction, processing fees being waived off, technology upgradation support worth 3 lakh, hand holding support worth 2 lakh are the further incentives, with upgradation drives also to next level as silver and gold. Nut this is more demanding and calls for supply chain development, CSR, energy sensitivity, waste mangement, lean, etc.. This won’t be effective unless we start promoting across the supply chain.

Ms. Mansi Bidkar, who got ZED gold certified, starting leading by example, by promoting it with their supply chain. This is also win-win proposal, if we get our supplier more quality conscious where major cost is born by DIC, (as ZED bronze is virtually free) this is a win-win association.

Good input assures good output. Using the same footsteps, WE look forward to major members and all the required support shall be extended.

The feedback received on 26th May sessions is worth sharing. Mrs. Jyoti who was almost about to quit the business due to COVID set back and was looking for Job, got converted into motivated leader & is willing to continue. Developing quality conscious business lady is feasible thanks to MCCIA promotion of ZED. She appreciates the support extended by MCCIA, and WE team.

Ujwala Goswami Madam of Climber Systems also express the work zone mangement, and customer delight due to this drive.

Mrs. Rupali of Aster was excited to share she discovered the potential in her and will like to lead her vendors for this.

Mr. Kalyani from Embark was equally charged got her ZED today. Mrs. Desuza of Camlita is also set ready for it, but has to first upgrade Udyam.

The long list will continue, but a support is still needed as in balancing work – hone life, ladies miss the career pursuit. A dedicated reminder is essential Mrs. Anuja  Madam of MCCIA plays that role. She prepared a goggle form to share the interest and continue the hand holding systematically.

Till date we have completed 7 pilot case studies starting with Melcon ( Mansi Bidkar), Mahek Industries ( Reshma Madam), Magna craft (Anjali Madam), Anant enterprises(Dharia Madam), Climber systems (Ujwala Madam), Arya Durha Mahila Gruh Udyog ( Jyoti Madam), Designit (Sheetal Madam)

Each one was a challenge, Melcon has to face audit during  Marriage season and the MR has to leave, but Manasi Madam herself supported the drive and ensured the NCs are closed to achieve Gold certificate. She is the first one to claim the refund also.

She expressed her satisfaction thanks to the transparent process and funds getting released in account so easily. She was also certified with the old scheme and started with Bronze, to achieve Gold now.

For Anjali, this was just a formality, she deputed her QA person and got Certificate without any NC almost the very day, as she has all the systems established.  Mrs. Dharia also achieved no NC certification the same days approvals, she is now working on refund.

Reshma of Mahek who was waiting for more than 6 months was surprised to see it can be done in a week. Now she is working for Quality certificate improvement for refund. Her delay was due to poor network connectivity, and no android phone. All this process although almost free, calls for uploading 12 photos with geotag, so net connectivity & android phone is very essential.

Jyoti has to purchase a cease fire, according to her it was really needed. Her major problem was being Home grown activities, she works almost alone with back up of her husband and son during their free time. With single handed unit how to organise trainings was her challenge, and she referred to our website for free training and followed the format, to complete her training logs.

Ms. Sheetal of Design it has Udyam of service as she is an interior designer, but pre COVID she has a workshop, some carpentry tools, and activities are being done, she decided to re activate it. This can be converted into the manufacturing set up. We got the Udyam upgraded and got her certified.

In brief Udyam for manufacturing, Network connectivity, an android phone and raw material, finish product, proper work place, firefighting set up right from cease fire to Other valid equipment, training records and delivery evidences is all required for first level.

But the benefits are many, first and foremost is the trigger for quality culture, the long pending expenditures for Quality being promoted. Contributing to supply chain and ecosystem of quality being developed across the MSME the major few.

As MCCIA is also trying to promote the excellence culture. With the convention - Ladies first – we have started working for ladies first.

The Drive with help of supply chain will be taken up to every nook and corner of our MCCIa activities using the supply chain drive. Soon it will be beyond the WE activities and extend the support to all industries.

The WE power will also act as prime mover of the Quality and excellence ecosystem

  We also appeal all of you to take it further & be a proud associate of this movement. Feel free to Contact Mrs. Anuja Deshpande madam of MCCIA for being part of this opportunity. She will organise a conference call through Chamber and we will ensure your excellence journey is started, the Chamber Tilak road location is also getting ready to welcome all such ladies with a zeal and together we will make a difference, so join all, and bring others also in this drive.

You along with your supply chain can really make a difference, to this Make in India Drive by contributing to the Ecosystem with support from Chamber.

All of you having Udyam registration kindly approach Anuja Madam, those who do not have can also get support for the same. We will meet one to one to get to launched, for self and for your supply chain.

We take pride to get associated with this activity and express our gratitude to Mr. Karandikar, Mrs. Anuja Deshpande, Mrs. Manasi Bidkar and all the pilot batch entrepreneurs being the pioneers in this drive.

Assessment done successfully by Sacchidanand till date -

1.        Mahek – Mrs. Rshma _ Pilot Batch

2.        Melux, - Mrs. Mansi Bidkar – Gold -Pilot Batch

3.        Arya Dura Gruhudyog – Mrs. Salunkhe  - Pilot Batch

4.        Magnacraft  - Anjali Pilot batch

5.        IEI - Seema oak – Pilot batch 

6.        PMPL –   Pacific Mechatronics - Mrs. Deshpande  

7.        V smart-  Mrs. & Me. Chavan – Member of MCCIA

8.        Designint- Mrs. Sheetal – Not continued membership

9.        Stomax – Nimkar

10.      Ananta Spring  - Mrs. Dharia

11.      Korrocoat Polymer  –  Mrs. Senior Rasane, Mr. Rasane & Mrs. Archana Rasane  - Email sent

12.      KNT Creation -  Mrs. Tumane  - Email Sent

13.      Green Field – Sangali – Mrs. Ingale 

14.      Wyse  Biometrics Systems – Mr. Wadaskar

15.      Caravan – Mr. Kale & Mr. Godbole

17.      Energy systech-  Mrs. Sai Apshankar

18.      Gangrade Technologies – Mr. Gangrade

19.      Manman –  Mrs Gokhale, Mrs. Date

20.      Vikram Printer- Mrs. Ugar

21.      Vishwaraj Industries – Mrs. Bhoite

22.      Climber  - Mrs. Goswami- Member

23.      Stanch Electronics-  Mr. Bhonde - Not member

24.      Altop electronics – Mr. Thite- Not member

25.      Gurukrupa Fabrictors-  Mr. Deshmukh

26.      Manas Micro Electronics – Mr. Sahastrabudhe

27.      Aster technologies   – Mrs. Mathur-  Not member

28.      Initiative Engineers –  Mr. Raju- Not member

29.      Zeal Electro mech –  Mr. Katkar

30.      Embark  -  Mr. Mathur- - Not member of MCCIA -

31.      Vrushali Engineers  - Not member of MCCIA

32.      Zeal Industries  -  Not member of MCCIA

33.      Fine fitting – Mrs. Kasturi – Member of MCCIA

34.      Paditi –  Mr. Karandikar - Member of MCCIA

35.      Micropower automation –  Mrs. Thakar - Not member of MCCIA

36.      Earth Care equipment – Mrs.  Wagh - Member of MCCIA

37.      Sai Industries – Mr. Randive –  Not member of MCCIA

38.      Suns Battery – Pallavi  - Membership not continued

39.      Kadam – AK food – MCCIA membership not continued


Understanding development of logistic ecosystem In India

Date:12 June 2023, By: Sacchidanand Gogawale

Post COVID India is focus of most of the developing countries. With sustainability and technology in our DNA, India current year is hosting for G 20. The focus on sustainable development is clearly led by initiatives like Life.

The energy wasted and impact on environment is demonstrated by key contributor as logistic. The Wasteful efforts of entrepreneurs and supply chain mangement using the technology options available, government is developing the Eco system for Industry to be World class.

The Quality and excellence empowerment with ZED initiatives are focused on MSME development which contribute to the major GDP of the country and have the potential to grow further. The technical human resource in IT field, and Effective connectivity were always strength of our country. Now the positive focused integration for de eloping the ecosystem makes all the difference.

ZED- Zero Effect Zero defect empowered MSME step by step reach the world class levels. The developed MSME are bound to act of Global connect where in the IT systems are already being established globally by Indian Brains.

The e connects platform across India using Gem is another remarkable initiative encouraging the E commerce.

Unveiled in October 2021, the PM Gati Shakti digital platform brings together 16 ministries, including Railways and Roadways, so as to spur an integrated and coordinated approach to planning and implementing infrastructure connectivity projects across the country. So far, access to portal’s data, which include detailed maps with existing economic and social infrastructure as well as upcoming projects, is restricted to Central and State government agencies and departments. 

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) president R. Dinesh, who is also the executive vice chairman of TVS Supply Chain Solutions, told The Hindu that some access to the portal’s information trove would help not just logistics firms plan operations, but also enable fresh capital spending across allied sectors.

“We are saying [to the government] that we want access to the data,” Mr. Dinesh said. “And of course, you can block the sensitive data if I can use that word, and the rest should be made available. Because it also helps plan, not just for logistics companies, but also for the first mile and last mile connectivity… that can be a big benefit for all of the planning of the private sector as well. And that will actually help attract more capex and outside funding,” he added.

For instance, if there were 36 layers of information mapped into the portal, he stressed that the industry need not be granted access to all those layers as the government would likely have some data privacy concerns.

“Give us access to the relevant facts and data, so that we can see. I think that has been received and I hope it will happen soon. I think the challenge for the government is they have added many more planes to it, so they want to get that right before making it available, but I don’t think there’s any major push back to the idea,” the CII chief said.

As part of the celebrations of 75 years of Independence (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav), our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced that the Centre will launch ‘PM Gati Shakti Master Plan,’₹ One hundred lakh-crore projects for developing ‘holistic infrastructure.’ PM Gati Shakti was launched formally in October 2021. It is designed as a National Master Plan for Multi-modal Connectivity, a digital platform to bring 16 Ministries, including Railways, Civil Aviation, MEITY, Shipping, and Road Transport, together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects. As per the Government of India,

The GatiShakti scheme is based on six pillars - comprehensiveness, prioritization, optimization, synchronization, analytical, and dynamics.” PM GatiShakti to generate multiple employment opportunities cut down on logistics costs, improve supply chains and make local goods globally competitive”

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai, under the Ministry of Education, has carved a distinct and robust profile as a provider of high-quality education, training, and capacity and capability building. It is a well-sought-after destination by the industry for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. National Institute of Industrial Engineering [NITIE] is delighted and proud to be designated as the nodal hub for capacity building in Logistics and Supply Chain Management to promote the PM GatiShakti Master plan by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

Geopolitical tensions have seen nations turn inward and become sceptical about cooperation and interdependence. When it comes to the supply chain, this caution is fair, as if tensions escalate, essential materials may be inaccessible, or major trade routes could be shut down. Therefore, governments and industry leaders are exploring domestic self-sufficiency in material supply and manufacturing. Short of this, they are looking to build ‘friend shoring’ relationships – trade links with like-minded and most likely geographically close countries (‘nearshoring’) where the supply of goods will likely be more secure.

 Model scenarios to understand the impact geopolitical tensions will have on your supply chain. We need to be clear on what will happen if you can’t access a key material or component. Will you need to reformulate a product? What will this mean in terms of regulatory and/or customer approval and are there cost impacts to sourcing from new suppliers or markets? The connect physically and global relation matters a lot in this case. We become more responsive, agile, and reduce your working capital, using these initiatives.

In 2023, cyber criminals will likely be even more sophisticated when it comes to infiltrating supply chains to damage or steal from businesses. The supply chain can offer vulnerabilities that provide external parties with a pathway to get into your systems, particularly via your supplier network. Criminals could also hack in through basic warehouse equipment such as a barcode reader or via Internet of Things (IoT) devices applied within your manufacturing and other operational sites. Cyber risk will likely be compounded if you rethink your supplier networks and make changes to friend shore/nearshore or invest in new technologies. As a part of this concern a dedicated study of ISMS and the visits and audits with E platform offering organisations like Euronet are organised to study the controls imitated by them. They are in line with the CERT IN Initiatives and Cyber MERIT provision by GOI

Some critical actions to initiate during 2023 to mitigate cyber risk include:


Recognize that your cybersecurity strategies often stop at the borders of your own enterprise. Therefore, identify the strategies that you and your partners must enact to mitigate cyber risk in your supply chain. How can you help ensure that those strategies are robust and provide sufficient risk governance across your third-party contracts by Ensuring new third parties brought into your supply chain ecosystem undergo thorough cyber risk assessments?

Consider funding and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) as part of the standard onboarding process of new suppliers to identify threats such as spam and phishing emails.

Human error is a key cyber security risk. A recent report from the World Economic Forum highlighted that close to 95% of cyber-attacks that have been successful are linked to a human element/error. Define strategies to leverage technology and automation that help mitigate this exposure.

Conduct a cyber assessment for all of the functions/activities within the supply chain using IoT devices (storing data, managing inventory, tracking goods), especially those with direct access to sensitive information and/or provide a gateway to wider system access.

Material access in turmoil, the GatiShakti and ZED and similar initiative will change the pace of Indian Industry development and with the abandon Human and natural resources India will take up a lead role in E supply chain and logistic mangement.

Current section Mr. Sachin Gurg as council member & President of American society for Quality is the clear indicator for the same.

  In an aligned challenge, key commodity prices and availability may fluctuate – whether that be fuel/diesel, construction items like timber, steel and resin, or plastic for packaging. Building resilient supply chains to combat future disruptions and adapt to new changes quickly will be key to help navigate these risks, as anticipated we are gearing up with logistic plans and infrastructure development.:

 Resolve redundancy in your supply chain by shifting from Just-In-Time to Just-In-Case, holding extra inventory for critical items, maintaining low-capacity utilization, and engaging with multiple suppliers will be taken care by Lean and ZED deployed across MSME.

WASH – Workplace assessment has taught us, don’t just say you’ll find alternative suppliers in a disruption, but have clear plans for who those suppliers are, and what impact any changes will have on your costs and operations.

Adopt real-time data analytics to enhance accuracy of predictions/forecasts of demand volatility and stream these insights into your Sales & Operations execution framework.

Leverage technologies such as Blockchain for greater product transparency, to prevent counterfeit products, to minimize discrepancies, and automate workflow through smart contracts.

Two thirds of global business leaders emphasized the need to increase visibility into their supply chains in order to maintain operational stability going forward1, so prioritize your supply chain resilience with true end-to-end visibility and transparency across the supply modes of transport, nodes and links.

In summary - Disruption to supply chains is a permanent fixture. By proactively getting ahead of these trends, you can have the capability to set yourself up for success. India is gearing up to develop an ecosystem for the Industrial development across the country to cope up with the global quality and sustainability demands. Various initiatives of Government are clearly demonstrating the strategic adaptation to Global leadership role in future by developing the Industrial development, without compromising on quality and Environment.

We in Zen are also aligning our efforts for the ZED and related initiatives by mentoring the MSME with QCI, QCFI, MCCIA, and our associates.

MCCIA's Sampada - July 2019 Issue - Challenges of ZED implementation focused on embedded electronics sector

MCCIA's Sampada - August 2019 - Team Dynamics for skill and performance management of Technology deployment in MSME

MCCIA's Sampada - September 2019 - CSR & Employee development using ZED

MCCIA's Sampada - October - November 2019 - ZED enhancing the global competitiveness for export promotion

MCCIA's Sampada - January 2020 - Gearing up for the Future with Quality as Foundation

Designing the road map for Paint industry through ZED implementation 

The beginning is difficult. Being a pioneer is still difficult. And to be a successful pioneer in achieving a global benchmark is extremely difficult. But someone has to take it. We appreciate the achievement of Team Korrocoat, for being the First Paint manufacturing organisation in Maharashtra, and one of the top 3 organisations in India, irrespective of any State incentives like Gujrat, or without any MNC association. The global level innovations and practices are developed, in Pune, on our own. With a background of many other organisations giving up the projects during, or post OSA (OSA - Online Self-assessment), after knowing a long list of documents as part of system evidence and legal compliances, which are assessed during desktop & site assessment. To go for ZED without any business compulsion, demands, or state incentives, needs an exceptionally dedicated commitment.  Although they were certified in the first week of September 2019, we are sharing this, after assessing the consistency for six months.

More than hundred documents, including the special emphasis on safety, was so meticulously done, that on the day of the site assessment, the lead assessor was tempted to click some of her photos with putting all the PPE as a memory. The assessors’ team appreciated the safety initiatives. The paint manufacturing is a typical process, wherein the environment and quality are very sensitive concerns. The dedication of team including, the management representative, Mr Gondhali, the customer education & satisfaction support by Mr Patwardhan, the R & D, QA team of Ms Kunda and Ms Gauri, and Supplier education and Purchase by Mr Yogesh, jointly with production & Stores team is a unique combination. Contribution from Everyone including the entry point induction by Mrs Sonal is very distinctive and impressive. The team together has put in a lot of efforts to make it feasible, especially on the background of most of the organisations in this sector not even opting for it, or just starting and then quitting… We are sure as a team, and their achievement - itself is a great motivation for all the remaining Industries.

ZED is a global benchmarking standard, everyone is not capable of adapting to the demanding and distinctive requirements. We are very proud to set a benchmark, which is only possible as every individual has a benchmark effort, we have now carved a path for rest to follow.

 The credit must be given to the able leadership of Mr Yogesh Rasane, for initiating such a ‘mission impossible’ and granting resources to make it possible. Dr Archana Rasane is an added advantage to the team. She imparted training, & conducted the safety and health counselling while addressing the health & safety concerns of all stakeholders. Enjoying breakfast till dinner together was a fantastic motivation and involvement drive for all.

Being a part of TLC, Mr Rasane is focused on learning and employee development. The project was initiated almost one and half year back, but the real speed and rigour were demonstrated in concluding six months. The 5 S, lean culture has established the foundation of employee engagement. Beyond it are the Devine blessings Rasane Family has, by their Shirdi trusteeship. I am sure the last 15 days are the most memorable days and nights for all of us.

Team Korrocoat is to take up new challenges, such as: being the first NABL approved conformity assessment body in this area, Industry 4.0, ISMS …...

Carefully formulated - Mission, vision, KRAs and ERP system linked to IoT; the team will continue as Pioneers, in the pursuit of the excellence, for years to come.

Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) - Roadmap towards global competitiveness  

As an Engineering student I was told to go to small scale industries to learn. Logically the most innovative, effective engineering and management is learnt from MSMEs. I owe the learning opportunities since 1982 till date I got from MSMEs, in India and Globally not only during my internships, but also when I did trainings & audits with DNV, and thereafter as a QCI registered trainer, assessor, auditor, consultant till date. MSME capacity building is my humble contribution back to society. ZED is the most effective scheme and method I have ever used.

Is ZED only for MSMEs? No, it is for all.  MSME are supported for capacity building. while Large Scale Industries can minimise their audits and appraisal costs as well as supplier development efforts and costs, by getting their supplier base registered for ZED. Organisations like Mahindra have started their supplier sensitisation and other OEMs are taking up this initiative step by step. The supplier chain development is a major & most effective way of economic engine development through MSME, along with schemes benefits. The indirect control of QES, like incoming goods and services impacts the end product, so most of the Large setup, conduct supplier, subcontractors’ audits. The number of customers demanding number of certifications and their protocols, create lot of confusions and repetition, so even for such MSME and large organisation ZED can be a much-awaited solution. 

 The major problem in MSME is non-effectiveness and nonefficiency as the try and struggle for survival against all odds. The contribution in economic development is hampered due to uncontrolled wastages. If any effectiveness and efficiency drive is implemented on ZED guidelines this would result in employment generation and economic development for sure, so all of us should take this drive seriously.

India with their young manpower has all the potential to be global manufacturing hub, if the reliability and quality is taken care of. At the same time, we should aim at sustainable development, with energy and environment and safety in focus. Means enhance the competitiveness of Indian MSMEs and to ensure Zero Defect practices in their manufacturing and also ensure Zero Effect on the environment while manufacturing This Model.  Also enjoys benefits of the new scheme viz. “Financial Support to MSMEs in ZED Certification.  ZED is a unique & holistic certification model for MSMEs, that will assess, rate and handhold them, based on 50 well defined parameters of Production, Design, Quality, Safety, Environment etc., with special focus on the Defence sector.  The tangible ladder of move MSME up in ZED Certification (Bronze-Silver-Gold-Diamond-Platinum) makes it very interesting. 

Although based on elements of the best standards and practices like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Lean Management, 5S, Kaizen, Six Sigma, IPR, Energy Management, Supply Chain Management etc. ZED is carefully developed taking care of MSME environment in Min. Thus, The ZED maturity assessment model is one of the most comprehensive assessment models for MSME. The limitation in standardising the certification process, the professional skills and deployment variations are controlled in ZED end to end use of technology for the entire process of ZED assessment and handholding. The site assessment is conducted by the assessors using a secured ‘ZED app’ on their mobile phones which has embedded features like ‘geo-tagging & geo-stamping’ making the process transparent and fool-proof.  

The assessment provides a detailed report on every parameter on which the assessment is made thereby providing an opportunity to the enterprise to identify strengths and gaps for focused improvement to move up the ladder in the journey to become world class. 

 Some of my clients fully agree with ZED deployment they have achieved, Superior quality, reduced rejections & higher revenues through step by step focused planning & monitoring & improvisations. Organisations like BEL and Mahindra consider ZED as tool for credible vendor database for large enterprises, without multiple certification pressures. The promotion cost and effectiveness with existing media and methods like exhibition participation has limited impact, whereas, ZED has enhanced visibility and brand recognition, being on the ZED web page of QCI, making it visible as preferred associate globally. The capacity building and employee development drives synchronised with the best practices using e learning portal & newsletters and knowledge sharing forums through ZED is additional bonus for MSMEs. All this with responsive care and Reduced negative impact on environment, by Goal Zero commitment, ensures ZED is the ultimate choice.

Along with, technical, marketing and financial benefits, ZED is a   most effective methodology for cultural change and motivating the employees. All other certifications are like go -and differed go gauges (never - no go) so, auditee does not know where organisation stands and what next. The subjectivity, professionalism, auditing skills hamper the learning and improvement processes.

In ZED the assessors are trained and calibrated to follow technology driven rating process, so the subjectivity is minimised. When I personally got involved in this model, I thought it is simplified IQRS – a dedicated excellence model by DNV. Soon I realised this is beyond quality, it not only includes all aspect of enablers and results but also all critical parameters for capacity building in a methodical way.  It is a simple 4 step model with first two steps free registration, and free self-assessment, after that desk top review and Site assessment, to get the awarded. 

I am asked - In spite of so many incentives and benefits of the scheme, why this is not popular? and till date why only 100 and odd organisations have gone for award? When I started discussing it with some known contacts, I got various responses such as – My MR is working on it… since past two years …. I tried for it, but it is too much of paperwork, we have given up… We will take it up by 2020… Maharashtra state has no benefits … If it is mandatory like ISO 9001 for tenders and otherwise only then we will do it, why spend money and efforts otherwise… We are financially strong independent organisation, why spend time for one more audit, globally QES is adequate…

I am sure some of them are correct but on wrong assumptions.  MR is not the right authority to know and work for your cultural fine tuning… Sparing 2-3 hours and getting it done is easy- Do it yourself, do not delegate. The owner and all decision makers sitting for 2 hours can complete, first three steps, it does not take years, I have many examples where in we have along with the owner completed the same, in 2-3 hours. It needs no paper work, but is evidence driven, even audio and video works instructions and soft records are acceptable in the digitised form. Delaying an opportunity is delaying your success. May be even you end up in losing it permanently as only first 22222 MSME are getting subsidised payment benefits.

 Individuals working for schemes are penny wise. The point is if we start any change the schemes may facilitate and help It, but the commitment cannot substitute the benefits, With or without state benefits, we should work, Implementation is entirely the owners or top management’s commitment. Process implementation is the benefit beyond any external benefit. One micro organisation with size of 7 individual and the top man, who is a technocrat, visionary and committed, told me, he cannot afford the 1,65,000/- handholding / consultancy charges, but if there is a way out for subsidized need driven support like specific training he wants to go for it. This is a rational approach, instead of saying the problem is too big, find a way out.  Sort out what you need, then it may not appear so terrifying.  Organisations that are certified will assure you, it is not very difficult. 

Typical excuses are - I have substandard team, lot of operational issues and so do not have time for ZED. If one has substandard people, all the more reason one needs a strong system. The top management has to select appropriate 30 elements, for which any one of us or even I will extend support, then make 30 folders and start filling up all by the documents and records organisation already has, and soon almost 60-90 percent problem is solved. Allocate the 30 folders to the process owners to sustain and focus on remaining gaps, makes it simple.  Almost any 9001-certified organisation easily reaches bronze level.

For remaining, either go to e learning portal or google it, or hire a trainer, it is focused and not very costly as anticipated. No matter whether Maharashtra State is offering any benefits, or it is mandatory for tenders or you are required no external funds, for sure implementation means a direction setting for your organisation which is SWOT driven, for achieving the global competitiveness.

It helps to be systematic, it means little extra efforts, it is like setting a system driven culture of sharpening and validating your tools, you may have to spend time on it, but it saves lot of non-effective, non-efficient wasteful efforts. 

We are there for Extending all the necessary support in your journey of excellence, wishing you all the very best. So, do not wait, log in to ZED portal, if registered and have questions or even otherwise, write to us on or,  call me 8329155488 , 9422522322, 7020987263 or leave a text message.  We are also with MCCIa organising small focused problem-solving sessions soon, so we can meet in person. 

Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) - Energy Sector - 1st Silver in India  

The name itself indicates the organisation is dedicated for energy solutions.

The owner is a hardcore design engineer with M.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur Mr. Apashankar. 

His products are appreciated globally for the energy performance. The furnaces along with the vapour density meter are developments done   in-house by the dedicated Engineering team.

The role of MR was handled by Dr. Khare and was supported by Ms. Kiran and Nilesh.

The production was handled by Mr. Pawar and the stores by Mr. Khare  , the accounting support by their accountant Madam. Mr. Beldar handling the marketing and also the CEO of the team was really having a lot of documentation related to customer education, appreciations and U tube clipps that were really handy during XED implementation. The core team visited various ZED certified  clients including their family business certified for ZED called Studcraft. The quest to learn and adapt to new skill level was demonstrated inthe vertual training and follow up on phone.

A time came when they were almost going to give up the project when some one tried to tell them -first go for ISO  then ZED. Indeed the zeal and top driven commitment was so strong a small intervention and motivation charged them again.

The structural design was handled by Mrs. Apashankar,  the team together was a unique combination of dedicated focused individuals with excellent teamwork and Support from the operators.

The employee engagement drives were very fruitful and suggestions were remarkable.

The international journeys business pressure and still the ZED persuit was a real challenge and was handled so good by the top management that they became the first ever silver certified unit in Energy sector.

So, it is the team Energy , synergy led by able innovative leadership  matters more  than any formal ISO certification was proven by them.

We are indeed very happy to be associated with them.

Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) with lightning speed

Meeting Manasi was a Divine planning. I first met her in RKM, Bhagini Nivedita 150 birth anniversary celebrations. She joined as woman entrepreneurs representative and I was an anchor that day. Before we could exchange any views, she left for her office, and I have to rush for next I introduction.

Second meeting with her was through one of my Research student. Same topic women entrepreneurs....

But this time she was keen in knowing ZED and had taken up the pursuit to achieve it before China Exhibition.

I was not very sure , because I was not aware of her driving leadership ability and commitment. Her office, & conference hall is full of  many awards and appreciation letters for her. I personally interacted with Pradnya her HR manager , Mr. Manoj Bidkar, the R &D Mentor  and Marketing Director. Her son Shubham now able to head the Research and development,  Chaitrali the QA head, Mr.Bagaitkar and was relax. I knew the target was difficult but was not impossible.

We sat together and completed the OSA in two and half hours. The DA was done by her team, after completion of training.

The audit was to be witnessed by the QCI panel of Experts, so we were to face 4 assessee in all.

The team was ready, still the dedicated members use to call me, and get issues solved. It was indeed a great pleasure to see the engagement. 

Pradnya has done her employee satisfaction  survey and I was surprise to see, unedited transparent remarks.

Shall we not edit it,.. it is more of emotions than facts ..isn't it?...I asked. - Still some learning can be derived  if not these are sensitive issues can be concluded. She replied.

The logical engineering approach forced me check for her background and indeed even she is an engineer...

When everything is right the results also have to be right. With in 15 days they received the award letter. 

A super-fast excellence journey I ever witnessed but it suits and is just in tune with the driving speed of Manasi...

When I wanted to congratulate her , she strongly recommend my name to MCCIA and two more clients just walked in thanks to her. Till date the association of MCCIA is very fruitful for all of us.

Till date I am enjoying, being associated with the dedicated family and wonderful leadership. The drive is so contagious that even my other clients were excited, and motivated after meeting her. 

I still feel fortunate that I met her in the holy campus of RKM on the auspicious day of Bhagini Nivedita Jayanti celebrations.

 I am sure for years to come our association will flourish to contribute something unique for the Nation and the society as triggered by the Divine power, so, I never miss any opportunity to meet and interact with her. I feel excited just by  talking to her and await for the ultimate realization for the Divine planning

Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) - Resources conservation drive at WBSPL