ISO 22000


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ISO 22000 provides a framework for food safety and legal compliance.

  • Holistic Management Process: Identify and mitigate potential hazards and the risks to food safety in a holistic way and keep stackholders happy.

  • Hazard Control Plan(HACCP): Implemented OPRP, PRP With HACCP, achieve intended objectives of FSMS after periodic through verification and testing activities.

  • Continual Improvement based on needs & expectation of interested parties: FSMS provides framework for continual improvement which are based on needs & expectation of interested parties along with HACCP, OPRP, and PRP.

  • Easier Traceability and Recall: An effective BCMS prepares organisation better operate during any disruption, loss, emergency or crisis.

  • Be Better Prepared: With the risk assessment,HACCP, verification, validation, performance monitoring, testing, PRPs, OPRPs, operational criteria and controls set and emergency response ready, face emergency neither disrupting business nor compromising food safety.

  • Beyond Compliance Obligations: Going beyond compliance obligations to distinguish brand is easy with set FSMS framework

  • Improved business performance and organizational capability: Better understanding of the food safety through analysis of hazard and robust traceability and fast recall capability.

PDCA Cycle for Food Safety Management System