We offer LEAN Consultancy to increase productivity, quality and reduce OPEX ( Operational Expenses)

We handhold MSMEs for implementing Government's LEAN scheme and guide MSMEs to solve various issues facing operations to increase productivity through various tools and techniques like 5S, Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing), Kaizen, Jidoka, Quality Circle, Six Sigma, Just in Time system etc.

What is lean?

Lean Manufacturing/Production, often known as LEAN is a manufacturing approach which considers the use of resources for any aim other than the generation of value for the end customer to be wasteful and hence a target for removal.

Lean manufacturing refers to a set of ideas used to enhance production, quality, and lead time by removing waste through kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese term that simply means "change for the better" or "good change." The objective is to supply the client with a defect-free product or service when and in the quantity required.

Contributing to Atmanirbhar Bharat via Industry development through Improvisation

We, a team of professionals motivated to contribute to society and social development, act as a bridge to link industries to these schemes. We have world class expertise and training and consultancy skills and proven track records across all Industry sectors and Governance types. Like Government, semi government, Public sector enterprise, Corporate, private and even Spruity clusters, artisans, self-help groups, students’ incubation. Etc. With strong engineering backup and management skills and System compliance expertise we enjoy the leaders’ role in the field of training and consultancy. 

Being associated and member of professional associations like MCCIA, PMS, ISA, ISI, IETE, QCI, QF, QCFI, NPC, APO, Rotary with a rich professional background the dedicated world class consultants’ team and the support structure can transform your organisation, by our mentoring. We have year on year success stories winning awards at national and International levels.

Typical concerns in any organisation irrespective of Scale. Right from Spurti cluster, self-help groups to the NMCs are the issues of blocked funds, excess inventory, receivables and wastes.

 Our experts and professionals extend the hand holding for the organisations to minimise the wastages, increase throughput, enhance employee engagements and initiate improvement in Quality, environment, safety, energy and lean. We have proven, customised, award winning solutions to every scale and size of the organisation and trained competent professionals in our team extend cost effective solutions across your supplier chain.

Proven projects and integration with ZED & ZED 2.0 with Lean, 6 Sigma, QCC, TPM, Kaizen enable us to be proud associates of more than 100s of organisations at various sectors, Governance and Scale of operations.

If you have not yet joined us, let us briefly share the concepts. We first integrate the GoI schemes for you, so we generate funds, in case funds are not a problem we initiate technology improvisations and solutions to minimise the performance gaps. In case of MSME who are pressed on Funds we use GoI scheme like ZED and Lean to develop them, at very cost-effective way,

In case MSME is associated with QCFI, a Drive of 1 lakh MSME is aligned. If you have not even done MSME registration and work at cottage industry or Cluster, we help you join the main stream of Industry by Completing the registration. If you are part of NMCs working across the globe, the initiatives like Green Productivity, Management systems, and similar methodologies are used for your development. We have APO certified assessors and specialist and global connect to extend the need-based support that one may be looking for irrespective of scale, sector or governance.

Understanding Lean –

MSME is compromising development due to lack of funds, GoI is extending hand holding schemes like ZED and Lean for them. Lean calls for cluster operations.

For getting into these schemes you need to have active manufacturing set up. Even if you are a single individual operating from Home and working at a low pace. All like you can come together to get a cluster formation and work for Lean – improvement for waste minimisation and profit improvements.

Lean is awarded at 3 levels. First is self-learning for 16 hours. Followed by 6 months Basic and on successful completion advance lean. Those having advance lean achievement get Exemption in ZED assessment of Waste management.

At first level there are no fees, at second level nominal fees for 6 monthly handholding and slightly enhanced charges for Advance level, for 1-year handholding are assured. 

We can also work out your return on investment in Lean and ZED. Feel free to reach us, if interested.

This is a cluster-based implementation scheme, where any organisation having Udyam can start. In case you don’t have Udyam we get it for you. The organisations can be any from cottage industry - gruh-udyog (गृह उद्योग) to Multinational company, we ensure the improvement.

For Small artisans, the clusters are formed and Improvisation using lean tools and advance lean tools are initiated, with basic 16 hours training, 6-month handholding and one-year support with highly subsidised cost, using GoI Lean cluster operations for MSME. 

 If you are not MSME then you can motivate and sponsor MSME, let it be OEM or industry association, per successful project you are awarded ₹5000 incentive. No limit about the organisation you can sponsor, leading to positive funds generations.


ZED concept- 

ZED as the name indicates – it is Zero Defect and Zero Effect, working for quality and environment. If we apply joining incentives ZED first level is free for any enterprise having Udyam. In case you have no Udyam, we may help you to get one.

This is an individual journey. On registration and successful uploading the basic documents, you are awarded ZED bronze level, enabling yourself for reimbursement worth  ₹50,000/-

Second level certification enables you to support technology upgradation, international exhibition participation etc. Total support worth ₹ 5-8 lakhs ensures we become your partner in growth and development.

Third level is Gold Status, and activities like CSR, Supplier development and likewise contributing to stakeholders ensure you are the role model and world-class organisation.

Don’t delay and rush to avail the benefits, kindly reach us. Join the excellence journey of more than 100 organisations representing the delighted customers of ours. 

If you think it will be beneficial to you or your associate call us back, with your details, in the google form attached.